Kinds of Medical Health Insurance Plans

Rising health problems because of irregular eating routine and unhealthy lifestyle as well as a growing healthcare cost burns up a large hole in a single pockets. To prevent those certain can purchase any adverse health insurance policy. Insurance providers have different medical health insurance plans that fit a person needs. Below pointed out are the fundamental plans that the majority of the companies offer.

Individual Medical Health Insurance Plan

Individual Medical Health Insurance Plan is a kind of medical health insurance that covers health expenses of the covered person. These policies purchase surgical and hospitalization expense of the covered person up until the cover limit is arrived at. The premium for a person plans made the decision based on health background and age the person purchasing the plan.

Family floater Medical Health Insurance Plan

If an individual really wants to buy medical health insurance for his whole family (spouse, parents and children) in one plan, he then should choose a Family Floater Policy. Any member of the family covered underneath the policy can claim in situation of hospitalization and surgical expenses. Like Individual Medical Health Insurance Plan one must pay reasonably limited to see relative’s floater policy. The premium to see relative’s floater policy is decided in line with the chronological age of the oldest member underneath the coverage from the policy.

Group Health Cover

Group Medical Health Insurance plans are purchased by a company for his employees. The premium in group insurance coverage is less than individual health insurance plan. Group health plans are often standardized anyway and provide exactly the same advantages to all employees.

Senior Medical Health Insurance

At senior years, health problems arise which involve costly treatments. To meet up with such high medical cost, insurance providers have designed special medical health insurance plans for seniors. Diets provide cover to anybody from 65 years of age and above. Generally, the fees are greater within the situation of senior medical health insurance plan when compared with other policies.

Critical Illness Health Cover

Critical Illness Policy covers the price involved with treating the existence-threatening illnesses just like a tumor, permanent paralysis etc. These policies usually pay a lump sum payment adds up to insured person on detecting serious illnesses covered within the policy document. Unlike other policies, Individual Health insurance Family Floater Policy, hospitalization isn’t needed, only detecting the condition is sufficient to claim the advantages.

Super Top-Up Policy

Super Top-Up Plans present an additional coverage within the regular policy that will help to combine sum insured. The Super Top-Up Policy may be used once the sum insured of 1&rsquos regular policy is exhausted.

For instance, if an individual includes a regular health plan of Rs 3 lakh along with a Top-Up plan of Rs 5 lakh. If there’s a claim for Rs 5 lakh, then your existing medical policy pays claims of Rs 3 lakh and remaining claimed quantity of Rs 2 lakh is going to be taught in Super Top-Up policy.


Medical health insurance provides financial help for non-anticipated medical emergencies. Every person has different medical needs. Some might need individual medical health insurance to pay for their own medical cost a treadmill would rather have a family floater policy to pay for medical expenses of his family people in one policy. Super Top-Up Policy functions like a extra policy towards the regular/ existing health policy from the insured. Thus, an individual ought to decide any adverse health insurance policy after thinking about his medical needs and requirement.

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