Kalibre Blockchain launches its Initial Coin Offering taking the world of Cryptocurrency to the next level.

Kalibre is the only blockchain focused on psychophysical well-being that concretely favors the resumption of good eating habits.The coin is associated with an innovative business model designed to provide multiple streams of income in the ecosystem.

Taking the world of CryptoCurrency to the next level, Kalibre has come up with a concept of a healthy ecosystem. The collective psychophysical well-being is the mirror of the society that influences future generations. They use Technology to give the world anidea of balance between Technology, well-being, and habitat.

Kalibre created the Kali token currently in ICO to offer investors the opportunity to participate in the psychophysical change of people inside and outside the Kalibre ecosystem. This business model creates a trading mechanism that facilitates the global adoption of Kalibre very profitably for holders, professionals, and traders as supply and demand are not only subject to market cycles.

Kali is the currency used in the Kalibre ecosystem. The token acts as a commercial asset to reward the efforts of all those who set themselves well-being goals and achieve them.

Here is how it works:

A Participant of the Kalibre Program buys the box of Kali Tokens and sets a goal such as losing a certain amount of weight in a certain period. The participant then establishes the time necessary to achieve it. The Kalibre Blockchain creates a Smart Contract in which it records the expiration time, the characteristics of the target, and the percentage of resale of Kalibres. When a participant in the Kalibre program reaches his goal, he can resell the kali coins at a price increased by the percentage of the value corresponding to his goal and, if he does not reach it, it is the opposite.

The CEO of Kalibre shared: “Technology acquires greater relevance if the human being takes care of his psychophysical state, this generates balance in himself and in society. Cryptocurrency is the best version of money, society needs the best version of themselves.”

With the “reach your goal” program, Kalibre intends to create commercial relationships with professionals and activities in the niche of psychophysical well-being, establish the Kalibre Foundation; an institution with branches located in different points will become a point of reference in the treatment of eating disorders, addictions, and mental health, with Kalibre as a trading currency.

The Kalibre system integrates Blockchain technology to provide security and transparency because by predetermining the contract’s expiration, the users involved in the Kalibre program have the guarantee of resale. It allows users to have a multifunctional crypto wallet for hassle-free payments worldwide without being identified.

Register for ICO pre-sale here:https://kalibres.com/buy/register

For more information, visit: www.kalibres.com and download the whitepaper. One can also send an email toinfo@kalibres.comor WhatsApp at +39 3516196185

About Kalibre

Kalibre is the adoption of cryptocurrencies with a concept-oriented towards the importance of psychophysical well-being. For updates follow them on Telegram https://t.me/+6BFlnwWOpSRlYmQ0, YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGl16CF32bWuaoYcsBtgjlA, Facebook@TokenKali Instagram: @kali_token and Twitter: @KalibreKali

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Kalibre
Contact Person: Fabian Ramirez
Email: Send Email
Phone No: +39 3516196185
State: Milan
Country: Italy
Website Url: https://www.kalibres.com/

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